Floor Scabbler

The MHS11 introduces a new concept in pneumatic floor scabblers. Using smaller heads with a 70{72507892a37eecb6eebfbab599ddcf341cf9806415dad49c731058e2f9cc3801} increase in BPM (Blows Per Minute) and a 30{72507892a37eecb6eebfbab599ddcf341cf9806415dad49c731058e2f9cc3801} reduction in air consumption, the MHS11 maximises productivity, efficiency, value and ergonomics, without compromise.

  • Removal of laitance, roughening, and reduction of levels
  • Aggressive keying without damaging the substrate
  • Removal of coatings
  • Fast removal of hazardous coatings and contaminated materials with TVS® shroud system


Key Features

  1. 11 replaceable carbide tipped scabbling heads for fast production and long service life
  2. 4,000 light blows per minute for fast production without damaging the underlying substrate
  3. Trelawny Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction system for protection of operators
  4. Optional Trelawny TVS® vacuum shroud system for protection of operators and surrounding environment

Technical Specifications

Weight (kg): 70 to 72
Length (mm): 340
Height (mm): 1290
Width (mm): 285
Cutting Width (mm): 250
B.P.M (blows per minute): 2200 x 11
Air Consumption (lps-cfm): 26 – 55
Noise Level (db(A)): 97
Vibration level (Aeq m/s2): 4.96


Download the Technical Specifications


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