HF Wall Saw

2 models available: 6-10HF and CBK

The 6-10HF is a very user friendly wall saw for the majority of  cutting jobs. It offers a combination of high performance, light weight and easy handling. It is ideal for both quick and more demanding jobs. Thin concrete walls as well as thicker walls up to 515 mm (20.3″) with heavy steel reinforcement can easily be cut. The spindle speed is continuously variable between 815 and 1200 rpm and the wall saw can handle 1000 mm (42″) to 1200 mm (48″) blades.

The CBK handles blades up to 1600 mm and a powerful 22 kW (30 HP) electrical motor. It is an all round wall saw for both thinner walls and thicker, reinforced concrete. The CBK has the valued features of a detachable HF-motor and quick disconnect coupling for the blade which makes setup fast and easy.


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