HF Wall Saw

models available: 6-10HF / CBK / RS2

The 6-10HF is a very user friendly wall saw for the majority of cutting jobs. It offers a combination of high performance, light weight and easy handling. It is ideal for both quick and more demanding jobs. Thin concrete walls as well as thicker walls up to 515 mm (20.3″) with heavy steel reinforcement can easily be cut. The spindle speed is continuously variable between 815 and 1200 rpm and the wall saw can handle 1000 mm (42″) to 1200 mm (48″) blades.

The CBK handles blades up to 1600 mm and a powerful 22 kW (30 HP) electrical motor. It is an all round wall saw for both thinner walls and thicker, reinforced concrete. The CBK has the valued features of a detachable HF-motor and quick disconnect coupling for the blade which makes setup fast and easy.

The RS2 wall saw weighs under 24.5 kg including its integrated motors. Max output power of 18 kW. Easy fitting of blade with quick connect coupling. Built for low maintenance. Advanced saw head water-cooled motor, fully integrated into the saw head. Very powerful relative to the weight of the motor. with the customer in mind. Designed with the operator in mind for simplicity, reliability and tough conditions. Strong steel tube and sheet metal frame, high strength plastic parts for best possible protection. Easy transportation of standard saw package including 800 mm blade with the RS2 trolley. One single 21 mm diameter cable controls all the machine functions. Easy maintenance of connector parts with standard hand tools. Quick disconnect blade flange coupling for radial mounting of the saw blade. The saw blade can be fitted to the saw head even after the machine has been mounted, also for flush cutting.



Max saw blade diameter 1200 mm 1500 mm 1600 mm
Max cutting depth Max start Ø blade 515 mm 665 mm 715 mm
MAX OUTPUT POWER 15 kW 22 kW 18 kW
MAX OUTPUT TORQUE 130 Nm 275 Nm 148 Nm
Saw head incl. motor 33 kg 42.5 kg 24.5 kg
Start blade max diameter 800 mm 925 mm 830 mm
Mechanical gears 0 0 0
Max size HF Motor 18 kW (24 HP) 22 kW (30 HP) 18 kW (24 HP)
Has detachable motor Yes Yes No
Quick change blade coupling Yes, HF Yes, HF Yes, HFi
Weight saw head 20.0 Kg (44.0 Pounds) 24.5 Kg (54.0 Pounds) 24.5 Kg (54.0 Pounds)
SPINDLE SPEED UNDER LOAD 815 – 1200 rpm 600-1000 rpm 475 – 1125 rpm
SAW BLADE MOTOR 400 Hz High Frequency Motor 400 Hz High Frequency Motor Integrated torque motor, Reversible blade rotation

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