HF Wire Saw

The Pentruder 3P8 wire saw is the best and most efficient wire saw on the market. It combines low weight with extraordinary performance and is suitable for both small and very big jobs. No concrete structure is too small or big to be cut.

The set up is quick and mostly a direct cut without extra satellite pulleys is possible. The start of the wire is very easy thanks to the electrical automatic feed and high power of the drive motor.

The storage capacity is more than 20 meters depending on what combination of columns is used.



Key Features

  1. Big storage capacity
  2. Super strong
  3. Optimal force transmission
  4. Easy start of wire
  5. Automatic feed and wire tensioning
  6. Easy setup
  7. Clever design of wheels
  8. Exceptional cutting results
  9. Practical and safe guards
  10. Easy cleaning and maintenance
  11. Modular build up – Easy transport
  12. Long life of pulley rubber liner
  13. Longer wire life

Technical Specifications


Drive motor: 400 Hz High Frequency Motor
Max continous output power: 18 kW (24 HP)


Storage in rollers: 6.5 meters (21 ft). 8 meters per meter stroke of the carriage
Storage capacity: Maximum approximately 20 m. 8 feet per feet stroke of the carriage. Maximum approximately 66 feet.


Main drive pulley Ø: 500 mm (20”)
Storage pulleys Ø: Ø 198 mm O.D. (7.8″)


Wire Ø: 8-10 mm (5/16” – 1/2”)
Wire speed: Continuously variable. 0 – 22 m/second, 0-66 ft/s with 18 (25HP) and 22 kW (30HP) HF-motors. 0 – 25m/s, 0-82 ft/s with 27 kW (37HP) motor.

Power pack

Input voltage: 380-480 Volt
Input frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Output frequency: 300 – 440 Hz
Continous output power: 27 kW
Minimum fuse: 25 Amp
Recommended fuse: 40 Amp
Current draw at max output: 56 Amp
Recommended generator capacity: 45 kVA
Output voltage to feed and travel motors: 24 DC
Height (incl. handles, connectors, etc.): 28 cm
Width (incl. handles, connectors, etc.): 30 cm
Length (incl. handles, connectors, etc.): 68 cm
Weight: 27.5 kg

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